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Corporations Listing


Assistance to the corporations planning to listing in Hong Kong


Pre-planning: Removing all obstacles to create favorable conditions for listing:

  • Assessing the eligibility of the corporation to be listed in Hong Kong

  • Advices on the feasibility of corporation listing

  • Formulating a development direction of the company for the purposes of listing

  • Examining the accounting system and accounting records of the corporation and giving advices for improvements

  • Devising a tax saving plan for the corporations and individuals (members)

  • Designing a restructuring plan

  • Recommending venture capital or private equity funds for the corporation growth


Execution of IPO: Coordinating the listing teams to shorten the listing process

  • Assisting in choosing the beat time for listing

  • Assisting in the selection of appropriate intermediaries

  • Coordinating on the corporation behalf the intermediary teams to complete their work as scheduled

  • Assisting the sponsors in the performance of due diligence

  • Helping answer enquiries from the Stock Exchange

  • Helping seek capital at the Pre-IPO stage and help increase market awareness on the corporation


Follow up Management: Providing advices to facilitate sustainable development

  • Working together with auditors in accordance with the requirements of information disclosure

  • Providing timely update on accounting standards, the listing rules and other regulatory requirements and make recommendation

  • Providing professional advice on subsequent mergers and acquisitions

  • Assisting corporations in the issue of bonds/convertible bonds/issue of new shares/top-up issues

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