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Corporate Services

LMSL provide company formation in Hong Kong and offshore company registry for Chinese and foreign investors.

LMSL provides company maintenance services including preparation and review of all documents necessary to comply with statutory requirements from preparation of minutes and filing Annual Return and renewal of Business Registration Certificate for Hong Kong companies, and renewal of license for offshore companies, and assistance on the opening of bank accounts.

If necessary, we can also assist in striking off and winding up companies in the event that a client decides to dispose redundant or unwanted company.


Hong Kong Company

Hong Kong is one of the leading international financial centers with a robust legal system and a highly competitive tax regime. With zero restrictions on capital flows, foreign exchange and scope of business, Hong Kong can easily propel business into the international market.

Most of our clients reside in Europe, North and South America, and China. Although they visit Hong Kong or other Asian cities on a regular basis, they do not wish to maintain a full time office staff in Asia.

Hong Kong draws international businesses and entrepreneurs to its shores. The following are the key attractions for enterprises, investors and entrepreneurs to set up a company in Hong Kong:


  • Proximity to China;

  • Perfect location on the Asia-Pacific region and along the east-west corridor;

  • Openness to trade, talent, and investments;

  • Business-friendly regulatory and tax system;

  • Status as an international financial centre; and

  • Outstanding infrastructure.


Offshore Company

Offshore companies are integral to the success of a multinational corporation. Apart from its tax-free policy, its flexibility on capital flows and high levels of corporate confidentiality, the zero restrictions on nationality of the director and shareholder of the company, nationality of the bank account and scope of business, renders offshore companies a vital tool to internationalization.


Potential uses of an offshore company:

  • Trusts

  • Stock holding

  • Property holding

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